The Magickal Childe  

New York City, USA

Herman Slater

What makes the FORMULARY BOOKS I & II so invaluable
is that they are from the inner workings of Mr. Slater’s shop
   The Magickal Childe 
New York's oldest Witchcraft center.

This Formulary grimoire is worth its weight in gold simply because
some of the most effective and potent recipes for magick spells, incense and oils
utilized in the craft are within their pages.

magic spells
Slater guarded these recipes more tightly than a restaurant 5-star chef
and now these secrets are available to you...


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The magickal childe or magickalchilde as it is called now, in the new world of www's. Herman Slater wrote some very important magickal spellbooks even using The Magick

al Formulary Spellbook in his store for his own secret spell recipies. The Magikcal Formulary Spellbook II was written to be the companion to book I. Together the magickal formularies or spellbooks make an historic addition to any real serious wicca collection of spellbooks. You can order or buy your copy here, from the publisher.